D.C. to Dulles, Navigating the Nation’s Capital

Washington D.C. is a beautiful city. Even with the heavy traffic and high cost of living it’s still a lovely place for a visit or to call home. When taking a trip to the Nation’s Capital it’s best to plan ahead so that you can spend as much time as you can touring the sites and taking in the scenes rather than tending to tedious tasks such as transportation planning. When it comes to transportation in D.C. there are many options to choose from, for example, DC Limos. Below are 4 convenient ways to travel to and from Dulles Airport.

1) Shuttle Service
Dulles Airport provides a Super Shuttle to and from the airport for a very reasonable rate. This is a ride share door to door van service that can be reserved in advanced and includes pre-pay options. This is a 24/7 operation equipped with customer service agents available to assist at all times. If you prefer your own vehicle rather than the ride share option then you can also utilize the private sedan service. The limousine drivers are available 24/7 as well and they offer rather moderately luxurious accommodations for the ride.

2) Rental Car
Dulles International Airport receives millions of travelers from around the world each year and therefore they are equipped to get you wherever you need to go. There are several rental car companies on location for your convenience. You are free to make reservations ahead of time of walk right in and pick up your choice of vehicles. The companies offer reasonable rates and fast service.

3) Cab Service
There are always cabs waiting right outside the gates to pick up passengers and take them anywhere in the city. Cab services are regulated and therefore each vehicle is equipped with meters that display the rate at all times. This option may be a little more pricey than the other options depending where exactly you are travelling to. The advantage is, cab drivers usually know their way around the city.

4) Public Transport
Washington Dulles Airport also has buses and a metro rail system that can take you almost anywhere in the D.M.V. Opening recently the new Silver Line to Dulles Airport provides fast accommodations either to connecting sites or directly to and from Washington Dulles. The buses that serve Washington Dulles Airport are also available to connect you to a local town, a rail station or any number of other locations throughout the area.