DC Museum Hopping

Wandering in Washington DC- the best tour routes

Washington DC is famous the world over for its unique monuments and for its status as the capital of the world’s last remaining superpower. It’s a city that has a unique legal position in the USA, as a federal district it exists outside of any state in the USA so find a good charter bus DC company to take you and others around the city. It has the most famous presidential palace in the world, the White House, which was burnt to the ground in 1812 and totally renovated in the 1950’s. The iconic National Mall has witnessed the speeches of numerous presidents and political leaders, from Martin Luther King to Glenn Beck. From the White House to Arlington Cemetery to the Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC is a city steeped in symbolism and pageantry. An environment that carries within it the hopes, dreams and values of the United States of America. So looking around the capital is an absolute must for any visitor. Here are a number of common tour routes in Washington DC you may be interested in taking.

Route 1:- Begin at the US capitol building, home to the Senate and Congress and therefore the seat of legislative power in the USA- Having looked around the capitol building, head down the National Mall, lined with a number of attractions.- Between the capitol building and the Washington Monument there are the following institutions, all considered world leading in their field: the National Gallery of Art, the National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian National Museums of American and Natural History, the Hirshhorn Museum and the Freer Gallery. – Having taken your fill of whichever museums or galleries take your fancy, head to the Washington Monument to marvel at this enduring symbol of American strength. – Head east on the south side of the reflecting pond towards the Lincoln Memorial, a moving building dedicated to the memory of one of the USA’s most iconic leaders. – On your way, check out the memorials for World War II and the Korean War- Having seen the Lincoln Memorial, head along the north side of the reflecting pond, back towards the Washington Monument- On your way you can see the Vietnam War Memorial- Finally, head North from the Washington Monument towards the White House, ending your day at the home of the President of the United States.

Route 2: – Start at the Smithsonian American Art Museum- Walking east you will pass Ford’s theatre, sight of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln- Continuing East you hit the White House- You can then head South to explore the attractions of the National Mall.